About Us

The photographer and the gourmet cook

Haukur Snorrason, Photographer, and his wife Hadda Bjork Gisladottir are the owners of Iceland Exclusive Tours which is operated by Look North Travel.

Look North Travel also operates Iceland photo tours, www.phototours.is, a company specializing in tour for photo enthusiasts and Hrifunes Guesthouse, www.hrifunesguesthouse.is, a cosy and romantic accommodation located in the heart of south Iceland

Haukur, a professional photographer since 1992, has over 20 years experience of landscape photography, is a certified travel guide and has a private pilot’s licence.  As a result of his work as a landscape photographer, Haukur has gained extensive experience of travelling in Iceland and knows the country intimately.  Haukur has accumulated a portfolio of thousands of Icelandic landscape images and you can view a selection of these by visiting: http://www.photos.is.

Hadda Bjork is the manager of Look North Travel – Iceland Exclusive Tours, and is a great lover of outdoor life, hiking and traveling in Iceland.  She is an excellent cook and has a passion for both cooking and hosting dinner parties.  During some of the tours (e.g. those where Hrifunes Guesthouse is used as accommodation), Hadda Bjork takes care of the cooking, offering modern Icelandic cuisine where lamb, seafood and wild game play a big role in the ingredients.

Our team

In order to be able to provide the best service possible and be flexible to your requirements, our guides are highly qualified and experienced.  All our guides have certified travel guide- and professional drivers license. In our team you will find experts in driving modified jeeps, bird enthusiasts, experienced hiking guides, and photographers.